Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 229 Saturday, October 6 Live Stream


It isn’t necessary to speak once again about big interest to the title fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. To date, the Russian fighter is the acting lightweight champion of UFC. The victory in the fight against Al Iaquinta brought him the championship belt. Since that moment Khabib hasn’t had any fights on protection of the title. At the moment Khabib hasn’t been defeated in the octagon.

It will be a title fight. The Russian fighter will have to defend the title of champion, and the Irishman will try to get this championship belt. Nurmagomedov won his championship title in April this year, when defeated Al Iaquinta. He hasn’t defended the title since then, none of the UFC fighters have won the Russian fighter.

The interesting point is the fact that the belt of the champion of UFC was owned earlier by Conor McGregor. He had two belts at the same time. He won the first belt in December 2015, as a result of which he became the best fighter in the Featherweight division. One year later the Irishman celebrated the victory over Eddie Alvarez, as a result of which he became the champion in the light weight. That’s why Nurmagomedov and McGregor began to lead an uncompromising and long feud. This is due to the fact that the Russian fighter was originally chosen to fight against Alvarez.

Then the Irishman was deprived of two championship belts. The reason for this decision was the inaction of Conor. Since then, he has had only one fight, though it was a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Moreover, McGregor lost it. The Irish hasn’t been in octagon for two years. Now he has to fight against the strong Russian fighter after such a big break.

The fight itself is of great interest to the fans. The reason here is very obvious – it will gather perhaps the two most famous and most popular fighters of UFC. Khabib and Conor had repeatedly expressed various insults to each other even before the announcement of the fight and now they have an opportunity to work things out.

The peak of the complicated relationship between the fighters was at the moment when McGregor with a few friends attacked a bus with Khabib and his team on board. When the bus with Nurmagomedov on board was leaving New York, the Irish men began to throw various items at the vehicle. As a result, several members of the team of the Russian fighter were wounded by the broken glass.

McGregor did not get away with such a trick, he was wanted, and then he was arrested. As a result the athlete was sentenced to attend trainings to learn how to manage his anger, and he also performed public works, it was also a part of the punishment.

Khabib is going to be the favorite of this meeting. The reasons for these forecasts are also quite obvious. The Russian is the UFC champion to date. He is constantly training, so there aren’t any doubts about his physical shape. Nurmagomedov has won the latest two fights when he defeated the fairly strong fighters Al Iaquinta and Edson Barboza.

However, we doubt a good physical shape of McGregor, because he hasn’t appeared in octagon for two years. His latest fight was a boxing duel against Mayweather.


Live stream will be available on this page Saturday, October 6 at 11PM GMT

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