Removal of Lipoma (A Fat swelling)

This patient came with the complaint of swelling on thigh. It was diagnosed as a lipoma. The large mass was excised.

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8 thoughts on “Removal of Lipoma (A Fat swelling)”

  1. It looked like there was still more of the lipoma left in the hole that needed to be cleaned out. Did you remove the rest??

  2. I have one of these in my upper thigh and my leg is so painful. I can't lift my leg to get in cars or for any other reason. Tonight my whole inner thigh n down my leg was hurting. Idk.. Dr doesn't think it's a big deal but my pain is.

  3. Becky Lynn, I think you should go see another doctor then… Usually a lipoma is not bothersome however, in certain locations with a lot of motion or other spots that your clothing press them, they can hurt. If yours are painful, go to a plastic surgeon and he/she will remove them…. Good luck!!!! 

  4. having mine removed next week cant wait this thing has bothered me for two years and it is starting to get firmer.  it feels like growing pains sometimes too

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