My Love Handles CoolSculpting – Before After

CoolSculpting by zeltiq uses controlled cooling technology for high-precision attack the fat cells under the skin. The procedure is effective and gentle, and do not affect the skin texture and muscle tissue. The fat cells infected crystallized (frozen), and dies. Your body carries then gradually remove the dead skin cells, and the result is a sharp decrease in fat depot and a more natural sculpted body without surgery or anesthesia.

How does it work?

In reading a gel pad and an applicator on the area to be treated. The applicator sucks in the treatment area , which can feel like that it pulls and “pinching” a little. Thereafter the area cool under controlled conditions, which may be perceived as intense cold for about 10 minutes until the area numb. Many patients read, check their email or even taking a nap during treatment. Afterwards you can usually resume normal activities.

Where does the fat go?

CoolSculpting go to by a nozzle placed on the area to be treated. Using vacuum suction the fat layer in a bit of the nozzle and two cooling plates activated. The treatment does not hurt but some discomfort can be felt when the vacuum suction begins. During treatment, you sit or lie down comfortably, read, work with your laptop or even take a nap. Since CoolSculpting is non-surgical, you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment. For best results, do you usually treat 4-8 areas of the body.

NEW – Mini Cool! A new feature here at rexfang clinic is that even small areas can now be treated. Cool Mini out on double chin, armpit, lower abdomen, muffin top, and thigh. (Read more here)

My result with Love handles

love handles
before and after


Science ensures safety

When the treated fat cells have been crystallized (frozen), carrying the body away these dead cells naturally. When the cells are removed from the body, the fat is gone forever. (source)

Does it really work? When you see the results?
Yes! 95% of all patients who undergo CoolSculpting treatment are satisfied. Your practitioner will help you add up an individual treatment plan that is tailored to your objectives. After 2 months, sees 80% of the benefit, after a further four months to see additional result.

What happens if I do, then you gain weight?
Many are eager to take better care of themselves after they have seen the results of CoolSculpting- treatment. If, however, you would gain weight, it is likely that the fat is evenly distributed over the entire body, and thus not only in the treated areas.

Book a free consultation with our clinic to get an individual plan for you.

Our customers are so happy with CoolSculpting that we invested in another machine for treating two areas simultaneously. Get a new form twice as fast. As the first clinic in Singapore, we are therefore able to offer our customers both increased treatment times and even shorter treatment.

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