Liposuction of the thighs: fixing plastic surgery gone bad Thigh liposuction, the inner thigh, outer thigh or anterior (front) thigh are the areas with the highest chance of a getting a poor result. The fat in the front and outer thighs is located very superficially and if done incorrectly will create a poor contour and ‘dents’ in the skin.
The surgeon treating this area must be patient and use very thin suction cannulas to give the best result. The inner thigh if performed too aggressively can leave a patient with loose skin. The outer thigh can look different when the patient is laying flat on the table and standing. When I perform liposuction of the outer thigh I use specially made positioning pillows to simulate the standing position while the patient is laying down. There is a fine balance that must be considered by the performing surgeon.

The patient in this video had a very bad result after liposuction of her thighs by another surgeon. She was left with dents and irregularities that I Was able to repair by liposhifting and fat transfer. I demonstrate this technique in this video.

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  1. a doctor removed a cyst from my jawline and i think he took too much stuff out because after the swelling went down its now depressed and loose. Can this be fixed?

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