Dr Hunstad Vertical Thigh Lift

This is a video demonstrating the vertical thigh lift. This method was developed in our practice and has been used successfully for more than five years. It eliminates many the complications previously seen with other techniques including seroma and lymphocoele. The liposuction component is very important removing the excess fat in the area of skin removal. When the skin is carefully removed you can see that all of the neurovascular structures, veins, arteries, lymphatics, and sensory nerves are completely protected and remain intact. This has been and advancement for the methods for vertical thigh lifting.

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10 thoughts on “Dr Hunstad Vertical Thigh Lift”

  1. Would be interested to see the pt's healing progress and end result pictures …looks like something I would be interested in having done for sure ….Thanks

  2. He literally SKINNED the hell out of that leg. gosh. Wouldnt that be painful in the post surgical?

  3. I'm sorry but that looks like shoddy work, I've seen videos on here of all types of surgery's and none of them were that messy, rough and rushed!

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