Slim Body

– 2-year-old Dana Evans was born with an apparently harmless birthmark on her face… but it quickly blossomed into a tumour that now threatens her vision and her ability to breathe.
– Dayle Hosek, a 50-year-old working mother who has battled breast cancer for the past seven years, is about to undergo a unique simultaneous mastectomy and breast reconstruction.
– The extraordinary doctors of Operation Rainbow travel to Nicaragua where they perform 30 surgeries in just four days to help children like 10-year-old Antonio Lopez, who is crippled with club feet, to walk for the first time.
– Finally, the documentary showcases one of the most common operations to repair damaged knees: meniscus transplant surgery.

These are the people surgery are made for. not does foolish people who don’t appreciate the healthy body God have blessed them with

I am almost sure the baby he mentioned with the success hemangioma tumor is my sister. Me and my two sisters were all born with hemangiomas. Me and my middle sister’s shrunk. But my oldest sister hers was on the side of her neck and it grew out to the size of the basketball at 10 months old she survived a surgery that all the doctors thought she would have died. They also thought she wouldn’t live past 7 she is now almost 25 and happily married.